Healthcare professionals choose OET because it helps them to prove they have the right level of English for work or study, while also learning the kind of language they will need every day at work. SGR Focus Training's courses ensure students develop profession-specific language skills as part of their healthcare work requirement. Four (4) language skills are tested by OET - Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Our OET courses help build these four language skills and boost your confidence culminating in students being able to take the OET test to become registered and work ready.
If you’re planning to live or work in an English-speaking country like the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc, you must take a language test to prove your English proficiency. Our IELTS training workshops are geared towards individuals whose English are at Pre-Intermediate to Advanced level. The workshops provide participants with an overview of the IELTS test including the test format and a guide to test results.
We are committed to helping students improve their English language skills through our English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. Communicating in English supports our foreign students on their journey to living, working and studying overseas in any English-speaking countries.


Need help to pass your English Exam?

Studying on your own has its benefits but getting help from a professional English language teacher certainly helps in making the journey smoother and faster. You will have a friend who will guide you to success and ensure that you are pushing through during those times when you feel like giving up.